Selling Information

Selling Tips

If you are like most sellers, the thought of selling your property can be daunting. Who is the right agent to sell your home? The best agent understands the best marketing methods which protect the value of your property. The best agent put the interests of the customer ahead of their own and understands ethics and study negotiation.

What you should know as a seller;

The quote trap

If you choose an agent purely on quoted price, you could make a huge mistake. Thousands of sellers have learned, from bitter experience that the price the agents quote and the price they get are different prices. Always ask for recent comparable sales in the same area from agents.

The price issue

The best question to ask an agent is “What will you do to get the best price for my home?” Allow the agent time to answer this question. If you demand instant answer to “How much is my home worth?” and “How much is your commission?” instead of “What will you do?” you will miss the best agent. Always a good idea to get an independent or licensed valuation.

Skill not opinion

Provided a home is well priced, it is not hard to sell. What is hard is getting the highest price. And this requires negotiation skill. The best agent study negotiation and that’s why you pay the agent to sell your property for.

Dismissal guarantee clause

Before signing any Sales Authority always ask the agent to have the dismissal guarantee clause written on the Authority (in case you change your mind or if you are not happy with the service) and most agents will gladly provide you with one with their signature next to it.

No sale, No charge

Most agents are now agree to No sale, No charge policy. You should not pay ‘one red cent’ until your home is sold. The best agent will ensure that they clients are delighted with the result and only pay on a sale.